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Principled Action for the IB Student
Principled action, as both a strategy and an outcome, represents the IB's commitment to teaching and learning through practical, real-world experience. IB learners act at home, as well as in classrooms, schools, communities and the broader world. Action involves learning by doing, which enhances learning about self and others. IB World Schools value action that encompasses a concern for integrity and honesty, as well as a strong sense of fairness that respects the dignity of individuals and groups. Principled action means making responsible choices, sometimes including decisions not to act. Individuals, organizations and communities can engage in principled action when they explore the ethical dimensions of personal and global challenges. Action in IB programmes may involve service learning, advocacy and educating self and others.

-What is an IB education? (2013)

Pacific Beach Middle Cares
How will you take action?

Can your actions help break the PBMS record of over 14,000 hours of service to the community logged in 2012?

What do I need to know about documenting my service and action?
Document all service hours in your planner to be eligible for surprise recognition events, end-of-the-year service celebration and / or community awards and recognition sponsored by outside organizations.

Minimum Eligibility for Service and Action Recognition and Awards

6th grade = 10 hours documented service and action

7th grade = 15 hours documented service and action

8th grade = 20 hours documented service and action

All service and action should be recorded in the student planner and signed by the adult in charge of the event or the classroom teacher setting up the service-learning activity in the classroom. If it's an outside event, please request a business card, thank you letter, take a photo, or save your certificate, race number or registration as evidence of participation.

1st period teachers will verify all service hours.

How do I get started?

Check our weekly bulletin for service ideas

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Ask your teachers about service-learning and personal and collaborative action in the classroom

Plan your own service campaign. In order to earn service hours for planning and hosting your campaign and/or event you must first submit a draft of your proposal for approval.

Great resource: Global Youth Service Day

Proposal must include:


What is the event or campaign? What is the purpose of the event or campaign? What is the event timeline? What is the goal? If relevant - what is the organization you are volunteering with or for and who is the contact person for the event.


Who will be served? Who will benefit? Who will lead and be involved in planning and hosting or coordinating the event? Who will need to be involved from the school, your family, and community?


When will the event or campaign happen? When are the deadlines for each step of the campaign?


How will and to what extent will the beneficiaries be involved and/or participate? How will you promote your campaign? How will you recruit others to help?

Does this Count as Service and Action?

Yes: volunteering at church, Women's Club, Scouts, or other non-profit organization. Walking in a walk like Walk for Diabetes, Susan G. Komen, or the Heart Walk.

Yes: service-learning in the classroom. Teachers plan service and action related units that may be eligible for service credits such as writing and sending a letter to a government official or preparing materials or presentation and raise awareness of a local or global issue.

Yes: club or personal action. Running or volunteering in a club, such as setting up your own language homework club that meets daily in the library and provide assistance to beginning Spanish or Mandarin speakers would definitely count.

Yes: joining a school club that addresses an issue or practices and performs for the community counts as service.

Yes: joining an outside organization like Jr. Marines, or Scouts counts as service

Yes: helping out at your elementary school or volunteering at a school event or in the classroom.

Yes: performing for or serving the community - Jr. Marines marching in the Mr. Luther King Jr. Parade; dancing Folklórico in Old Town; band playing at Balboa Park or at BeachFest.

Yes: designing a campaign or service event. Although the donations of supplies and or money does not count as service hours, the planning and hosting or managing a donation drive to benefit school, community, nation or world can count toward service minimums. See Mrs. Sims to learn how to document your hours for planning a running a service campaign.

YES...Summer Hours Count. Students must set up an appointment with Mrs. Sims to verify summer hours.

No: house or family chores, helping a parent, neighbor or private business. That is your regular obligation as a family member and a neighbor. If you're not sure, see Mrs. Sims.

No: donating items in exchange for service and action hours does not count.

MAY 2015 SERVICE DEADLINE: To be eligible for awards and end-of-the-year activities, throughout the school year, 1st period teachers will help advise and verify all service hours.

Remember - always have activity sponsor or adult in charge, sign your planner at the time each service event or activity is completed. Take photos, request a "Thank You" card, certificate, letter, or save a brochure or registration as evidence of your participation.

If you are participating in an off site service activity it is district policy to have a transportation waiver on file. Waivers are available in the front office.

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