Welcome Students

Welcome Students | Bienvenidos Estudiantes

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We are so excited you are here. This is your school and community and we are happy you are part of the PB Middle IB family. This is your special section of our website where you can find cool links and resources for learning.

If you have ideas to add to this section of our webpage just let us know.

8/19 Office Opens 8:00am - 3:00pm
New student enrollment open 8:00am-11:00am
Access main office from Felspar St.
8/19 New Phone Number Starts!
(old number will still work for 6 months) Phone (858) 221-5600 Fax (858) 221-5620
8/20 NEW Student Orientation @ 9:00am auditorium
Early Schedule Distribution - not required but if you want a sneak peek most schedules will be ready. We reserve the right to update and change schedules as needed.
6th grade: immediately after orientation
7th grade: 10:30am, lunch-court
8th grade: 11:00am, lunch-court
8/26 First Day of School Have a great day!
8/28 Modified Day (every Wednesday)
Friends of Pacific Beach Secondary Schools or
FOPBSS Meeting @ 5:30pm School ends at 12:55, no 7th period Mission Bay Yacht Club
9/2 Labor Day No School
9/5 School Tour @ 7:45am
Mission Bay Cluster Meeting @ 6:00pm Media Center
Mission Bay High School
9/9 School Site Council @ 2:30pm Media Center
9/18 Back to School Night @ 4:30pm Auditorium
9/19 Principal's Coffee @ 8:00am Media Center
9/20 Fall Dance @ 6:00pm Auditorium
9/23 School Site Council @ 2:30pm Media Center
9/25 FOPBSS @ 6:00pm MBHS
9/26 Picture Day Free Dress Day
9/27 Semester 2 - 2019 Awards @ 7:30am Auditorium
9/29 PB Palooza!

First Day 8/26
-Final schedules will be distributed the first day in first period classes. Confirm your first period on the bulletin boards near the office before you proceed to first period.
-Don't panic. You do NOT need to memorize your schedule. We will be on hand to help.
-Please know parking and drop-off on the Felspar entrance will be impacted by construction so plan accordingly.
-1st Day of School: Check the bulletin boards by the 400 building before school starts to confirm your1st period class. In 1st period, you will get your final schedule. This is the most up-to-date schedule and should be followed. If there are concerns with the schedule, you can submit a "Schedule Concerns" form before school, at lunch, or after school. Counselors will address the concern as soon as possible.

First Day - for students who enroll after school starts
-If you are new to PB Middle and are enrolling after the first day of school the front office will set up a meeting with you and your counselor
>-Counselor will get you your schedule and get you started
-Library Technician will make sure you get the textbooks you need. Any passwords you need will be in your planner and distributed by teachers.
-Don't panic. You do NOT need to memorize your schedule. We will be on hand to help.
-You can get dropped off but a lot of kids ride or walk to school.

-PIN numbers will be on your schedule
-Bring your lunch, or a family member can put money on your PIN number.
-If you get free/reduced lunch, you'll just use your PIN as you did at elementary school and get what you want for lunch.
We have cafeteria lines in the lunch-court but also have grab and go carts around campus. We do not have a big indoor cafeteria because, well, we're in San Diego. It's always sunny. If it rains we open up areas for you to stay dry and eat.

First Week Routines for Success
-Sixth graders and new students, you will be tired when you arrive home. Be patient with yourself and your family as you settled into your new schedules and meet new friends.
-Minimize your plans after school and try to maximize family time by taking a walk at night or playing a game together.
-Discuss and set a schedule for your afternoons.
-Go through your backpack and get a homework routine set-up everyday, even if there's no assigned homework.
-If your forget something or make a mistake, come up with a solution or list of solutions and try them.
-Help yourself before you ask your parents for help.

Pick-up / Drop-off
Enter on Felspar only until school starts. The Diamond St. entrance will be open for drop-off and pick-up once school starts. There is no entrance on Ingraham. It is highly advised to set-up a drop-off and pick-up spot that might involve a little walking to school to avoid high-traffic times. Or, better yet, walk and roll to school and save the environment and get a little exercise.

Finding Your Way
We will help you get to your rooms. Don't panic. You do not need to memorize your schedules for the first week. Ask a teacher for help.

School Supplies
First day/week - Keep it simple
-uniform (khaki, white, and/or navy blue)
-paper (loose leaf or spiral notebook with paper)
-pen and pencil
-binder or folder
-lunch or PIN number (on your schedule)
-optional: water: please no juice, sports drinks, or frozen water
Teachers will let you know specific supplies you'll need for each class.
Physical educators will instruct you about your physical education uniform and what kind of lock you'll need for the physical education lockers,

Uniforms Unify Us
PBMS has a uniform policy that we expect all students to follow. Clothing must be solid navy, white, or khaki and no "short" shorts. Check out our website for more information on the school uniform and dress code. Physical education uniforms are on sale at the office. You'll need a combination master lock as well

Community Project and Service - check service and community project pages for more information
All 8th graders will work on a community service project. We will hold meetings to get you started and share timelines and resources with you on the Community Project webpages.
All students are expected to engage in service and action. Get started and document whatever you do in your planner.
Minimum expectations:
6th - 10 hours
7th - 15 hours
8th - 20 hours

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