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The aims of Individuals and Society in the IB program is to encourage students to gain and develop knowledge, conceptual understanding, research skills, analytical and interpretive skills. All these skills contribute to student development and academic success.

This unique course aims to encourage students to respect and understand the world around them, and to provide the foundation for higher learning. Studies focus on the following content areas: history, geography, and social studies with an emphasis on global politics, society, economics, world religion, technology and culture.

Specific skills instruction include:

  • information gathering research skills
  • writing and presentation skills
  • representation using maps, models, diagrams, graphs and tables
  • effective use of appropriate technologies
  • techniques required to work effectively in academic group situations

Integrated in the Individuals and Society course, all students also receive a 50-hours of art instruction. This provides students with the chance to study art throughout time and place and discover their own artistic talents. Students develop an understanding of the world through observation, artistic experimentation, reflection on existing artwork, practice and development of techniques and through the simple need to express an idea. The art experience at Pacific Beach Middle includes hands-on application of skill and understanding of the context and culture of the art forms, highlighted through the connection to the Individuals and Society curriculum.

The process of creation is valued as much as the finished project and students are required to document their learning and personal development in their Arts Developmental Notebook.

In addition to arts integrated with individuals and society, students also have opportunities to enroll in additional award-winning MYP Performance Arts courses - Music (band or orchestra) program, as well as participate in our annual Missoula Arts Theater production, led by professional performers.

See attached rubrics to view objectives and criteria for assessment:
Arts Assessment Rubric Year 1 Grade 6
Arts Assessment Rubric Year 2 Grade 7
Arts Assessment Rubric Year 3 Grade 8

Individuals and Society Assessment Rubric Year 1 Grade 6
Individuals and Society Assessment Rubric Year 2 Grade 7
Individuals and Society Assessment Rubric Year 3 Grade 8

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