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Video Transcript - Exact word-for-word MYP community project presentation: Rice Husk - She is presenting in her second language, English

Hello, I wanted to focus my project mainly on my main interests; in the future I want to study environmental engineering. Environmental engineering is the ability to design or create something that will help solve environmental problems. So my topic for my project was to choose an environmental project that would bring benefits to my community. Because my family and some friends of mine also work in industrial engineering they have found a lot of problems that they have came up with solutions. So mainly my cousin that is working in a rice husk company he found that, I found that there was a lot of waste in the rice husk because when they take out the rice husk from the rice because it's not eatable so the huge amount of rice husk is being burned each day because in Colombia they waste approximately 82 tons of rice husk each day, they burn them. So these have a lot of environmental impact because the gas emissions increase a lot. It has a 0.4 % of sulphur and carbon dioxide that is in the air so also this has respiratory diseases on the people this can cause skin disease and the transport will increase the economic, the money that the company needs to sell the product.

So my solution was that I researched a lot, trying to find what were the uses of the rice husk instead of burning them. So the main uses was that it can create fuel for gas generators. The gas generators are mainly used like in India because they burn the rice so they produce a lot of energy that grows the gas and also for construction because for doing the cement they use rice husk to...because it has sulphur oxide which is taken out of minerals and from cromaloton minerals are really strong so it will help the cement to be formed and really make it like it's durable throughout the years. So mainly the other solution that was the one that I am going to focus on is the rice husk briquette. The rice husk briquette is a block of flammable matter, that is made of rice husk and this will replace the barbecue materials because it is for barbecue. It will replace all your barbecue material like carbon, the gas, in which they have high levels of carbons in comparison with the rice husk so it will decrease the environmental impact either is in your house or in economy.

So my action was mainly to make these rice husk briquettes. And I have a lot of, I researched a lot of how to make them I needed to compact them I tried to use.. it is necessary to make a binder that was the reasoning that is taken from the palm, oil which makes it 100% ecological and this will be like a real resource for the other barbecue material because it is really cheap and they can be made at home and also these will cost like in comparison with for example with the carbon briquette it will cost 7600 but here in this case for example 24 of these will cost estimating this bag it will cost 5620. So this, for this I will try to help a foundation at the same time we will have an environmental solution and a community solution. The community solution was that I sent a letter to a foundation that was near the rice husk company and told them all the uses that the rice husk has but I told them especially the rice husk briquettes if they were able to make their own rice briquettes and make their own company and sell them in the supermarket which will bring benefits to them but also the company that would give the rice to them. For example because this will help the rice company in a way that it will have social-, corporate and social responsibility in which in this case they will give promotion at the company, the government will give promotions at the company for trying to help the community. Mainly I start to record each day I do interviews and surveys in what were the opinions of the people and, like here the opinions of other people what they thought on the rice briquettes that is really like a benefit as an environmental solution but at the same time is a community solution.

Like I did all the soft [self] management skills trying to find for my own self like taking my own decisions to have a solution to make the rice husk because each day I was like thinking and think how am I going to improve this because I made the rice briquettes like 3 times so it was really a lot of effort to try to make them because at first I thought that it was really easy but when you look at it from another point of view it is very complicated, this will demonstrate service as action because as I said before this foundation it will have a lot of benefits. It will not become a foundation because my main objective was not to say "ah no let's only give them the rice briquettes to the foundation so that they will sell them "; I wanted that the foundation so they could make their own briquettes and give them more knowledge of the things environmental problems that are more near them because almost every people don't know the environmental problems that are beside things and beside them and that these can be used in technological ways. And I made the communication, so communication and social skills trying to find solutions for a specific community for example the foundation that is near the rice husk company and also the communication that when I tried to contact the rice husk company, also when I wrote the letters and all that. Like in my opinion, when I reflect about the quality of the services that I gave I think that it's really like high standard, it's really good because in this case all the people will understand that the environmental problem is very important because the rice is like the main nutritional food that you eat each day and also for example that every material that contaminates can be reused, everything.

So I was really happy in the end of this project because all the people told me that it was a really good project and the rice husk briquette it can be used not only to the community but also like to other companies that will improve the other people. And like, you know, starting to reflect on all my process, I think I demonstrated all the ATL skills, everything that I have done I give that feedback; it was a problem to a problem but in the end I found solutions to everything but if I did my project again I wouldn't change it.

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