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MYP Sciences and Design (Technology)

Juan Carlos Design Structure Design Cycle

Our MYP science and design instruction aims to prepare students for the rapidly changing world. It provides structure for the development of critical thinking and skills for lifelong learning.

The sciences and their methods of investigation offer a way of learning through inquiry that can contribute to the development of an analytical and critical way of thinking that can be used in all subject areas. Our instructors challengel students by providing opportunities for different needs and learning styles to succeed. and help student to appreciate the links between science, society and everyday life.

The design and technology instruction is extensive at our school. We integrate 50 hours of design including throughout the year-long course. The innovative course connect information taught in the sciences with the means and the context for students to become skillful problem solvers, who can respond critically and resourcefully to real-life challenges found in everyday life and society.

The IB design course uses the design cycle as the model of thinking and strategy to help students investigate problems and design, plan, create and evaluate their creative products and solutions. A product or solution can be defined as a model, prototype, product or system. The entire design and documentation process (Design Journal) is assessed, not just the final product.

Students completing the 7th grade IB Science and Design Technology course with a passing grade will satisfy the high-school technology requirments. As a requirement for promotion, students must include their Design Journal, with evidence and reflection on at least one complete design cycle, in their eight grade porfolio presentation.

Assessment Rubrics: Design
Design Rubric Year 1 Grade 6
Design Rubric Year 2 Grade 7
Design Rubric Year 3 Grade 8

Assessment Rubrics: Sciences
Sciences Rubric Year 1 Grade 6
Sciences Rubric Year 2 Grade 7
Sciences Rubric Year 3 Grade 8

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